I’m often asked, what exactly is an IFPA Figure Pro? Well the IFPA stands for the International Fitness & Physique Association. The IFPA sanctions professional level ALL NATURAL bodybuilding and figure competitions. All IFPA Pro contestants must have first won an IFPA pro-qualifying placement through an IFPA amateur affiliate. IFPA Figure Pros must also adhere to strict drug testing guidelines. I did mention we’re ALL NATURAL competitors right, and we take great pride in that.

So now you know what the IFPA is; but you’re probably still wondering what the heck is a figure pro? Physique competitions are divided into three divisions: bodybuilding, fitness, and figure. The figure competition “evolved” from of the fitness division, but we don’t have the fitness routine round that’s common to fitness competitions. Unlike standard bodybuilding, we are judged on muscle tone and symmetry and not so much on muscle size. Figure competitions are a great option for women who want to compete, and not have the athletic demands of the fitness routine or have to build the extreme muscle needed for bodybuilding.

I currently have my IFPA Pro Masters Card (females 35+). But I train hard everyday and frequently enter competitions in the “open” division, meaning……them young girls better not take a day off cause I’m on a mission! The say a picture is worth a thousand words so here’s a quick video I did a while back on What an IFPA Figure Pro is.