Why Black Women Don’t Work Out

Diet Tips From IFPA Figure Pro Pam Willis

How To Become A Figure Competitor.

IFPA Figure Pro Pam Willis At The Yorton Cup

IFPA Figure Pro Pam Willis Backstage at IFPA St. Louis Pro Masters

Pam Interviews Keith Hunter Prior to the IFPA Pro Masters Cup in St. Louis, Mo

During registration, I was able to get a moment of Keith's time to talk about the show. Keith did an outstanding job with this show!

Pam Willis On Location @ Maymont Park Richmond VA

After a grueling workout, I met up with my photographer and did this shoot. Tip: Watch it in full screen mode.

Pam Willis OCB Figure Competition Video

Here is a quick video slide show from last year's 2010 OCB Presidential Cup and OCB Yorton Cup.

What Exactly is an IFPA Figure Pro?

I’m often asked, what exactly is an IFPA Figure Pro? Well the IFPA stands for the International Fitness & Physique Association. The IFPA sanctions professional level ALL NATURAL bodybuilding and figure competitions. All IFPA Pro contestants must have first won an IFPA pro-qualifying placement through an IFPA amateur affiliate. IFPA Figure Pros must also adhere