What I mean by this is…. if you’re trying to loose weight or if you’re exercising to maintain, you definitely need to eliminate or seriously cut back the sugared drinks in your diet. By now, anyone serious about their fitness should know how unhealthy that 12-16 ounce can or bottle of carbonated hell is for you. Yes, I’m talking about soda or ‘pop’ for my family from the Midwest. I recently overheard a father telling his young son not to drink soda. The little boy replied, “But it taste soooo good to me”, to which the father replied, “Everything that’s good to you is not necessarily good for you.” Great job dad! You’re on your way to raising a health conscious kid. But I’m not only talking about soda. I’m also talking about popular drinks such as fruit juice, Gatorade and more specifically the “water substitute hydrating drinks” like Crystal Light. Many have been fooled to actually think these drinks are healthy for you. What people don’t realize about these “substitutes” is that they are often filled with sucrose and other artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners send a signal to your brain making the body think it’s getting sugar, which in turn makes the body crave more sugar possibly causing additional health problems. “Substitutes” are Ok in moderation, but not on a regular basis and they definitely are not acceptable as a replacement to water