I hear a lot of women use this excuse to not train with weights. That’s exactly what it is, a poor, weak excuse to avoid going to the gym. I laugh when I hear this because I know skinny guys who train hard with heavy weights 5 to 6 days a week and take supplements and 6 months later, they are still skinny guys. So I get a kick out of it when I see my sisters think their 3 sets of lat pull downs, and two sets of leg extensions twice a week is going to have them looking like Ms. Olympia next month.

The majority of women don’t have the body type to become extremely muscular, and that small percentage that do have the body type, aren’t willing to do the type of extensive training and dieting necessary to become overly muscular.

So ladies, don’t be concerned about getting too muscular when you’re first starting your workout program. Your body doesn’t work that way. The key to having a lean yet muscular physique is cardio, mostly anaerobic in combination with weight training in an aerobic manner. This gives you a very defined look with no bulkiness and is very very sexy.