Hello, I am IFPA Figure Pro Pam Willis, but more importantly, I am a child of God. Like many people striving to be successful I have struggled with ups and downs in my personal life, my walk with God, and more recently; my career in the fitness industry.

Upon putting this website together, I took a hard look back on my life’s journey and realized that it has been the grace of God that has carried me and given me the will to persevere when I wanted to quit. The real winners in life don’t quit and they don’t make excuses. When they feel they are at the end of their rope, they tie a knot in that rope and hang on. I truly feel that my purpose here is to serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement to those that may struggle with their health, weight or self esteem and feel like they are at the end of that rope.

Severe asthma caused my childhood to be very abnormal. At the age of 2, I developed walking pneumonia, which caused a collapsed lung, which lead to me being in a coma for 3 days. The doctors gave up on me and prepared my mom for the worst. She along with a praying church family went to the lord on my behalf and it’s by his grace that I’m here today. After surviving that, I was still a very sickly kid and spent most of my childhood in and out of hospitals. It was so bad that for a couple years I was even schooled inside the hospital. It was these struggles as a child that sparked a fire and determination in me to lead a fitness lifestyle and be a healthy adult.

I think God placed struggles and obstacles in my life to build my character. He saved my life, so that I could save someone else’s.
Just know that once you have really discovered who and whose you are, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

I work with all levels of fitness:
Beginner – Has never exercised but for health reasons or personal reason needs to make an immediate change in their diet and exercise.
Intermediate – In fairly good shape, but feels their body needs some toning, considering competing maybe one day.
Advanced – Wants to compete, or is already competing and Wants to Win.

Contact me today, let’s discuss a personal training and diet plan that is specifically designed for you.